If You Think You Understand Companies, Then This Might Change Your Mind

Kindness and Professionalism and its Impact on Deals

Whether you make or break the deal can be drastically affected by your emotions. It is a universal fact that being likable has benefits and in making deals there is no exception.

Sellers Are Going To Be More Willing To Consider Lowering Their Prices

A buyer pitching in a low-ball offer can be seriously insulting towards the seller. An insultingly low offer can give of the image that the buyer is not serious about buying or that he is try to exploit the seller by bullying him down to accepting a much lower price.

A low offer made by an unpleasant buyer can seriously offend a seller. But if the buyer came with a professional and friendly personality from start to end and being nice and respectful towards the seller, the seller might appreciate the kindness and will possibly accept the low offer.

Brokers have it in them to do their best to find the best buyer to pair with their clients, those who are able to provide them with a fair deal and a good offer.

For the Sellers

Not all business is going sound. On the outside a business might look spick and span, no problems whatsoever but one must not be complacent and do their research and careful observations, you never know that such company might be a problem to deal with and if done too late, could endanger a deal.

Buyers will be wary of the money they spend, so it is natural that they will be skeptical whenever they go into a transaction They will always be in the lookout for any problems that might arise in the future.

Sellers who keep all their accounts and transaction records in Excel is a warning sign for the diligent buyer. Excel, regardless of its capabilities and benefits is not by any stretch an accounting software. Rightly or wrongly, buyers will see this as a sign of poor professionalism and a bad business practice.

But if you however come forth as a likeable individual and most of all honest, small things such as using excel will not be of any problems and will make them insignificant.

Always be honest and likable. Don’t forget to be honest at all times and always have the courage to speak out and be vocal about any negative aspects that lie on the business. Never hide anything. Your buyer will be happy with this and will gladly appreciate the positive criticisms and they will not find it hard to believe you as you explain to them all the benefits your business has to offer.

This is the Reason why Cheval Capital became successful with Hillary Stiff and Frank Stiff.

Always remember to be likable and professional during business transactions and on everyday life as well because it will make you a better person overall.